August 30, 2013

How To Copy Images And Text From Amazon Look Inside Pages

Last updated August 22nd, 2017 

Do you know you can copy images and text from Amazon Look inside! pages?

Yes, I mean by just using your mouse cursor to highlight it and then copy text from "Look inside!" Amazon books.

No kidding.

I know there are people trying to copy text in Amazon books Look inside! pages, but it cannot be done, right?

copy text from Amazon Look inside! pages

Actually it can be done.

Just keep reading...

Yes, by default, you cannot copy the few preview pages of Look inside! from Amazon books.

Or rather you cannot copy the "Look inside!" pages for most of the books.

But here is the good news:

There are some books which have Kindle option can still be be copied!

But not for all book titles in Kindle option.

How To Copy Amazon Look Inside Preview Pages

Let me share with you how you can still copy out the text or words from Amazon Look inside!

Now it is even simpler to copy the preview content of Amazon Inside.

You don't need any special software.

This is what you do:

1. After you have searched the book which you want in Amazon site, click on the Kindle Book tab.

how to copy Amazon Look Inside preview pages

Remember not all books which have Kindle Book option can be copied.

2. Put your cursor outside the main page, right click on it and then click "Select All".

3. If it looks something like this as shown below, it means it can be copied.

4. It only highlighted the text of the book as seen on the right side of the page.

copy images and text Amazon Look inside pages

5. Then only you right click again and then click "Copy".

6. Paste the copied content onto the NotePad.

7. Now you can edit the text.

8. You can either select out the content you want or delete away those unwanted text.

9. That's all.

When you use your cursor and "Select All" and get the outcome as shown below, then it means this particular book CANNOT be copied!

It highlighted the whole page and not the text, as seen on the right side of the page.

copy images and text Amazon Look inside pages

Note: Here is a how to copy book preview pages from Google Books.

You get more free pages and also from more books too!