May 5, 2021

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How To Save Internet Archive Borrow Books: 1 Hour And 14 Days


 Do you know you can download and save Internet Archive borrowed books for yourself for good?

In other words, you can make a copy and save them, then you can return back the borrowed books to Internet Archive. 

By default, you can only BORROW the books for just one hour or fourteen days.

Then you have to return them back to Internet Archive.

The 14-day borrowed books in your Adobe Digital Editions, they are just there TEMPORARY.

Even after the 14-day period, you forget to return, the borrowed books will still automatically disappears from your Adobe Digital Editions.

In short, you CANNOT SAVE the books for yourself for good.

The urllink. acsm file (of 14 days borrowed book) is actually a reference file for the e-book, and it is not the actual e-book itself.

In addition, it is protected by the Adobe DRM (Digital rights management) copy protection.

The books are read-only.

They can only be opened on a device that authorizes with your Adobe ID, but you can’t save the books for self keeping.

This tutorial will show you how to SAVE the borrowed books for your own keeping.

You can do it for both, the 1 hour access and 14 days loan books.

I assumed you already have a free account with Internet Archive, and have installed Adobe Digital Edition.

save Internet Archive borrow books


Adobe DRM Copy Protection Removal

In order to get hold of then books, you have to remove or to decrypt Adobe DRM copy protection of the borrowed books.

It means you have to remove borrowing restrictions.

After you have removed or decrypted the DRM copy protection, then only you can open them with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Then you can save, edit and even print them.

How To Save Internet Archive Borrow Books

There are two popular ways to remove the DRM copy protection:

. Calibre together with a plugin

. DRM removal tool    

I have tried out both methods and they work just fine.

Personally I prefer the latter method with just the DRM removal tool.

Anyway, for those who want to use the Calibre with the plugin, use these versions that definitely works:  Calibre 3.48.0 and the plugin use DeDRM Plugin V6.6.3.

The tutorial I am showing you here is using the DRM removal tool to do the trick.

This free tool can remove DRM from PDF, Epub, Mobi and Kindle file.

You just installed the software and you can remove or decrypt the DRM copy protection right away.

From there you can open the newly DRM-free pdf file with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The first part of the tutorial, I will show you how to do it with the 14-day borrow book, as it has already come with the ACSM file.

The second part of the tutorial, is how to do it with 1-hour borrow book, which does NOT have  the ACSM file.

For both options, you need the help of a DRM removal tool.

Firstly, you need to download and install this free DRM removal tool  called EPUBee DRM Removal onto your laptop.

Click here.

First I would show you how to do it with the 14-day borrow book.

Download & Save 14-Day Borrow Book

There are two main steps:

STEP ONE: Get The Book From Adobe Digital Editions

1. Go to Adobe Digital Editions to where you 'download' book is located (Bookshelves - All Items/ Title).

2. Right click on the book title and a menu box pops up.

3. Click on "Show File in Explorer".

how to decrypt DRM Internet Archive books

4. It opens the "My Digital Edition" file.

5. Right click on the book title and then click "Cut".

6. Then paste the book file on the Desktop just temporarily, as you need it in STEP TWO.

STEP TWO: Remove DRM Protection

1. Open or launch the EPUBee DRM Removal.

2. Click on the "Add" icon at the top left hand corner of the interface.

download Internet Archive borrow books

3. A box pops up, go to the Desktop to locate the book file which you have just pasted there.

remove DRM Internet Archive borrow e-books

4. Click on the book file and then click the "Open" button, as shown above.

 5. Instantly it will decrypt the DRM protection.

6. You can see your book title under "File Name" and the "Status" as "decrypted".
how to decrypt drm files
7. Now right click on the text under "Path".

strip DRM Internet Archive books
8. A menu box pops up, click on "Explore decrypted folder".

9. It opens the page and you can find the book title there.

10. So it means it is already decrypted.

11. If the book is a PDF file, if you click on the book title, you can see the book cover preview on the the right side of the page.

12. Double click it and it will instantly open in the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

13. Now you can save this e-book for yourself for as long as you want.

14. You can return the borrowed book to Internet Archive.

15. That's how you can get hold of the Internet Archive borrowed book.

16. That's all.

Download & Save 1-Hour Borrow Book

If you borrow 1-Hour book, it does not appear in the Adobe Digital Editions.

So firstly, you need to save the book to Adobe Digital Editions.

Then you remove the DRM protection, before you can save the book for yourself.

Now let's find out how to download and save the one-hour borrow book from Internet Archive.

There are four main steps:

STEP ONE: Create ACSM File For 1-Hour Book

As for this one hour borrow book, it does not have the urllink. acsm file.

You can only see its URL at the address bar on top of the page.

Before you can remove its DRM protection, as I have explained above, firstly you need to create a ACSM file for the 1-hour book.

This is how to do it:

1. From the URL of the Archive book, copy the Identifier.

2. The Identifier is the line of text just AFTER details/

3. For example, the book URL is:

4. The Identifier is:  lastgreatestmagi00stei_0

5. Now, paste the Identifier into the link below where the  “XXXXXXXXXXXXX” is.

5. So, now the link should look this:

6. Paste this new URL onto your browser address bar and click "ENTER" key.

7. A box will pop up as show below:

remove borrow restriction

8. Make sure it is set to "Save File" and click on the "OK" button.

9. Just save it on your Desktop for the time being, as you need it later.

10. You have successfully created a ACSM file for the 1-Hour borrow book.

STEP TWO: Save It To Adobe Digital Edition

This is what you normally do when you borrow the book for 14 days.

1. Right click on the newly created ACSM file on your Desktop.

decrypt DRM Internet Archive books
2. A menu box pops up.

3. Select "Open with" and then click on "Adobe Digital Editions".

4. The Adobe Digital Editions interface pops up, together with another box, saying: "Downloading Content..."

Adobe Digital Editions

5. Wait for it to download onto your Adobe Digital Editions, just like when you borrow a book for the14-day option.

6. Now you can see the book title under the "Bookshelves - All Items/ Title".

7. The following STEP THREE and STEP FOUR are the same as the STEP ONE and STEP TWO respectively, as explained above when you want to download and save the 14-Day Borrow Book.

Just click here, it will jump back up to STEP ONE and STEP TWO guide above.

After this, you can just return the book right away.

You don't need to the borrow book any more, as you already have your own saved copy.

This is how you can save both the 1-Hour & 14-Day borrow books of Internet Archive for yourself.

Note: Please do it for personal, non-commercial use only.