About DiGiztal

 Last updated on September 20th, 2017

DiGiztal is the only online site which provides easy-to-understand step-by-step computer and Internet tutorials that work. They are regularly updated to ensure their relevance.

And share with you where to download helpful free software on the internet.

Why DiGiztal was created?

Digiztal Frequently Asked Tech Questions With Answers In Plain English

 It was all because of the popular site Stack Overflow.

Each time when I am seeking online for solutions to fix some technical difficulties related to computer or Internet, I ended up at Stack Overflow.

But the problem is most, if not all of the time, I could not understand what the folks over there, are suggesting, advising or babbling about.

Yes, it was Greek to me.

I am supposed to seek help, but ended up more helpless and seething with frustration. 

Don't get me wrong. Stack Overflow is a valuable site.

For programmers to learn, share their knowledge, and advance their careers.

Definitely it is not for clueless non-tech savvy people, like yours truly.

I only need to get over the confusing technical issue, and then get on with my blogging.

I know there are many bloggers out there who share the same predicament.

They don't want to be bogged down in technical complexities, they just want to blog their stuff.

That's why I started DiGiztal, specially to help them out.

Frequently Asked Tech Questions With Answers In Plain English 

Here you can find helpful how-to step-by-step tutorials, together with other practical tips, tricks, hacks and useful information related to computers and the Internet.

It is written in plain English, avoiding jargon whenever or wherever possible.

At times, to the extent of putting the correct usage of the English language on the line, just to ensure my readers understand each line in the tutorials.

DiGiztal with frequently asked tech questions with answers in plain English

 Where To Download Free Software

Besides providing helpful how-to guides, DiGiztal also informs you where to find useful free software online.

In short, DiGiztal is:

1. Easy-to-follow technical tutorials

2. Information where to get free quality software.

You can contact me at: kertoon@yahoo.com or connect with me on .

Written by: Kher Cheng Guan