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About DiGiztal

DiGiztal - The non-techie blogger who can click with non-techies.

He understands their frustrations and helplessness when they encounter computer and internet problems.

DiGiztal speaks the same language as the non-techies.

His mission is to assist them to fix their tech problems with his uncomplicated guides. 

His reliable services include troubleshooting frequently encountered technical issues, on how to optimize your PC and software performance, together with advice on how to avoid or protect from cyber security attacks.

He also provides tricks and tweaks to get the most out of your Blogger and WordPress.

DiGiztal : Click With Non-Techies

DiGiztal click with non-techies

Not forgetting, DiGiztal also shares with you how and where to find free stuff from the internet, and a great list of wonderfully useful websites.

DiGiztal step-by-step tutorials

All his easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorials are in plain English, avoiding technical jargon wherever possible.

When it comes to technical problems, DiGiztal is the tech blogger you go to.

If you have any inquiry, you can contact me at: kertoon@yahoo.com