January 7, 2020

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How To View Quora Questions And Answers Without Registration


Can I view Quora questions and answers without registration or signing in?

The short answer is yes, you can

You do not have to ask this question int his popular question-and-answer site Quora.com.
You can read all answers on Quora without having to register as a member.

how to view Quora questions and answers without registration

If you do not intend to ask questions or help to share answers with the knowledge-sharing community of Quora, then you don't need to sign up as a member.

Yet, you can still view or read all the answers to the questions at Quora.

As it is, if you are a non-member of Quora, you can only view ONE answer.

Unless you sign in into your Quora account or via Facebook or Google.

If you do not have an account with Quora, if you continue to view the following answer to any of the question, you find that you have been blocked by a white login-register box.

And the whole Quora page will become out-of-focus in a dull grey color.

View Quora Questions And Answers Without Registration

Here are SIX (6) ways which you can bypass the Quora login blockage.

METHOD ONE: Add Share=1 To URL

This method is by adding the tag: ?share=1 at the end of the Quora thread URL.

This is what you do:

1. For example, if the URL is:  https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-read-more-books

2. You just add ?share=1 next to the word "book".

3. Now the the URL should look like this:


4. Paste this new URL onto the Google address bar.

5. Press the "Enter" key of your keyboard.

6. Instantly you can view the page without any more obstruction by Quora sign-in page.

Notes: This method also WORKS for Google Chrome.

METHOD TWO: Use Question URLs

This is what you do:

1. When you encounter the login-register box, you highlight and copy the URL of that question.

2. It is on the address bar above the blocked page.

see all answers on Quora and bypass login

3. Now click on the new tab of your browser to open a new Google page.

4. Paste this URL onto the Google search box.

read Quora answers without signing In

5. Click on "Google Search" button or press the "Enter" key of your keyboard.

6. Instantly you can see that question appeared on the Google search results.

how to bypass Quora.com login

7. Click on it and you can view the whole page with all the answers, without any obstruction.

8. To read or view the next question, you just repeat the procedure as explained above.

Note: This method also WORKS for Google Chrome.

METHOD THREE: Bypass Paywalls Firefox Extension

For this method, you just install this free Bypass Paywalls Firefox extension onto your Firefox browser.

You get to read tons of free articles not only from Bloomberg.com, but many more popular sites, including The New York Times, The Age, Harvard Business Review, etc.)

This is what you do:

1. Get the free Bypass Paywalls Firefox extension.

2. A box pops up and instantly it will download straight to your browser.

3. You click on the blue color "Continue to Installation" button.

4. Then another box pops up and you click on the blue color "Add" button.

5. The bypass paywall extension will be installed to your Firefox browser right away.

6. You will see the small Bypass Paywalls extension icon on the Firefox address bar, as shown below.

Firefox Bypass Paywalls extension

7. That's all you need to do.

8. After you have installed this extension, you can now read unlimited questions and answers of Quora website, without interruption by the login box anymore.

Note: This method also WORKS for Google Chrome.

Find out how to install Bypass Paywalls Extension to Chrome.

METHOD FOUR: Clear Browser Cookies

This is what you do:

1. After you have just read or view the first question, DO NOT click to the next question.

2. You need to to clear the browser cookies first.

3. Click on "History" at the menu bar which is at the top of your computer screen.

4. Then click on "Clear Recent History..."

Note: Make sure the "Cookies" under "History" is checked (with a tick in the box).

read quora.com without an account

5. Click on "Clear Now" button.

6. Now click on the next question which you want to read.

7. It will load the page, without being blocked by the registration/Login box.

In other words, each time if you want to read the next question, you must clear your browser cookies first.

Then only you click on the next question.

That's all.

Note: This method also WORKS for Google Chrome

METHOD FIVE: Firefox Temporary Containers Extension

1. Installed this Firefox Temporary Containers extension.

2. After you have installed it, you can begin to read all the questions & answers right away without being blocked.

3. Go to any one of the Quora questions from Google search results.

4. Click on it and you can read it without being blocked, as this is the first question.

5. Now to read the next question, you must RIGHT CLICK on the question title.

6. A menu pops up next to the question title.

7. Click your mouse cursor on "Open link in new Temporary Container tab".

read Quora without an account

8. It will open a new tab with the question and its answers, without the pop up box

9. To continue reading the next question, again you RIGHT CLICK on the question title.

10. Similarly, a menu pops up next to the question title.

11. Click on "Open link in new Temporary Container tab".

12. It will show you the questions together with its answers on a new tab.

13. In short, you just RIGHT CLICK on the question, and then click on "Open link in new Temporary Container tab".

14. Simple, isn't it?

You can use any of the five methods to read all questions and answers in quora.com without having to register as a member or signing in via Facebook or your Google account.

Remember to share these tips or tricks with other people.

Note: This Temporary Containers Extension CANNOT be installed to Google Chrome

METHOD SIX: Block Cookies

This trick is even better.

You just set it up once for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

From there, you can continue reading unlimited Quora.com content.

The idea is you set up both browsers to stop or block the cookies.

This is what you need to do:

Mozilla Firefox:

1. Go to your Mozilla Firefox browser.

2. Click on "Open menu" (three horizontal lines icon) at the top right hand corner of your computer screen.

3. It drops down the context menu.

4. Click on "Options" and a page appears.

5. Next click on "Privacy & Security" on the left side of the page.

6. Scroll down a little bit until you see "Cookies and Site Data".

7. Click on "Manage Exceptions..." button.

8. A box pops up, titled "Exceptions - Cookies and Site Data".

9. In the space below "Address of website", paste or type in:


10. Click on the "Block" button.

11. You can see Quora domain listed under "Website" and its "Status" as "Block".

12. Finally click the "Save Changes" button.

Now you can read as many articles as you want from this popular question-and-answer website.

Google Chrome Browser:

1. Go to Google Chrome browser.

2. Click on the three small dots (Customize and control Google Chrome) and the context menu pops up.

3. Click on "Settings".

4. When you come to settings page, click on "Privacy and security".

5. Now click on "Cookies and other site data/ Third-party cookies are blocked".

6. Scroll down to the last option "Sites that never use cookies".

7. Click "Add" button

8. A box pops up for you to add the site domain.

9. Type  [*.]quora.com

10. Then click the blue color "Add" button.

That's all you have to do just one time.

You can any of these six ways to access Quora.com without registration.

NOTE: If you use this METHOD SIX, you cannot sign into your Quora account. You have to remove it temporary, if you need to sign into Quora.com.

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