December 28, 2019

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How To Read Daily Mail Online Without Disabling Ad Blocker Tips 2020

Do you know you can still read any article from the Daily Mail Online without having to disable your ad blocker?

Yes, you hear me right.

You can access the Daily Mail Online website with your ad blocker on.

Let me repeat myself.

read Daily Mail Online without disabling ad blocker

 You can read or view the Daily Mail Online website with ad blocker on.

Now if you click on the Daily Mail Online homepage or any of its article, you would be greeted by this message: "We see that you're using an ad blocker."

We see that you're using an ad blocker

In other words, the Daily Mail site can detect ad blockers.

The wants you to disable your ad blocker.

You will see a popup box, a translucent background and also the vertical scrolling bar on the right side of your computer screen is missing.

In short, you cannot read or view images on Daily Mail Online, with your ad blocker tool on.

Don't fret.

But as I have just mentioned above, you can still bypass or get around  this blocking and disabling problems.

You can still keep your ad blocker on and enjoy reading the articles together with images, without getting blocked by its pop-up box and the translucent background veiling the site.

Note: In fact, I have written a tutorial titled: No Need To Disable Ad Blocker To Access Blocked Websites Secrets.

Read Daily Mail Online Without Disabling Ad Blocker

This is how I do it:

In fact there two methods to bypass this blocking problem.

Method One: View Via No Style

This method is very easy, simple and straight forward.

The only slight downside of this method is the design layout of the page will go haphazard.

You won't get the proper page layout, but all the content (article, images and video clip) are still intact.

Here is how you do it:

1. Go to the article of Daily Mail Online site which you want to read.

2. Ignore the popup, just move your mouse cursor and click on "View" at the menu bar, which is right on the top of your computer screen.

3. A menu will drop down.

4. Scroll down your cursor to "Page Style".

5. Then slide your cursor over to "No Style" and click on it.

bypass daily mail adblock

Instantly the popup together with the translucent background disappears.

And the vertical scrolling bar can be seen.

Now you notice the design layout of Daily Mail Online page is not in order, as it supposed to be.

But you can still read the articles and view the images without any obstruction or having to disable your ad blocker.

Now you can continue reading the other articles as well.

Method Two: Via Developer Tools 

There are two steps to this method.

Step One: Enable Vertical Scrolling Bar

1. Go to any of the article which you want to access or read.

2. Scroll down until the pop-up box appears together with the translucent background layer. 

3. Press on the F12 key of your keyboard.

4. Immediately the Developer Tools will appear on the page.

5. Now look for this CSS line: overflow-y: hidden is blocking adblockers

6. Remove the tick sign in the small box at the front of this line by clicking on it. Or what they called it, to uncheck the box.

Now the vertical scrolling bar at the side of the page is enabled, but you still cannot view the page as yet.

You need to remove the popup box and the translucent background.

Step Two: Remove Popup And Translucent Background

1. Move your mouse cursor to the first icon called "Pick an element from the page" and click on it.

daily mail adblocker message

2. Now move your mouse cursor over anywhere on the translucent page.

3. Instantly you will see a light blue color screen covering over the translucent background layer.

4. Click on it and then press on the "Delete" key of your keyboard TWICE.

Immediately, both the popup box and the translucent background will be gone.

Now you can enjoy reading that particular article together with its accompanying images without any obstruction.

Note: If you click on the next article, you will be blocked again.

You need to do the two steps as explained above all over again.

That's how you get rid of the Daily mail Online ad blocker detector.

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