January 14, 2020

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The Easiest Way To Read The New York Times Site Without Subscription

Want to know what is the easiest way to read The New York Times site without subscription?

In my past blog post, I have shared with you four ways to bypass The New York Times paywall.

But this time, I found an easier and convenient way to read all the content of NYTimes site with Mozilla Firefox browser.

Note: This method works with Firefox only, but NOT with Google Chrome.

You do not have to install any extension or having to repeatedly click to clear the browser cookies, after reaching its stipulated free-article limit.

read The New York Times site without subscription

All you need to do is you set it up once, and you can enjoy reading unlimited nytimes.com content free of charge.

Easiest Way To Read The New York Times Site Without Subscription

Do you want to know how to do it how to read the New York Times for free?

Let's go...

This is what you need to do this only once and for all.

1. Go your Mozilla Firefox browser.

2. Click on "Open menu" (three horizontal lines icon) at the top right hand corner of your computer screen.

3. It drops down a menu box.

4. Click on "Options" and a page appears.

read NYTimes online free

5. Next click on "Privacy & Security" on the left side of the page.

6. Scroll down a little bit until you see "Cookies and Site Data".

7. Click on "Manage Permissions..." button.

get around New York Times paywall

8. A box pops up, titled "Exceptions - Cookies and Site Data".

9. In the space below "Address of website", paste or type in:


10. Click on the "Block" button.

11. Finally click the "Save Changes" button.

how to read NYTimes site without subscription

12. You can see the NYT domain listed under "Website".

13. That's all, guys.

Now you can go to The New York Times website and read as many free articles as you want.

You won't be asked to log in or to sign up as a subscriber anymore.

What you have done is you have blocked The New York Times site from storing cookies and site data in Firefox.

Now you don't have to manually clear its cookies, as what I have shown in Method Two of my past post.

Anyway, happy reading and remember to share this tip with others.

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