December 20, 2019

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How To View Instagram Public Profile Photos Without An Account 2019

Do you know there are ways on how to view public Instagram photos without having to log in or sign up an account.


Are you saying, I can access Instagram without an account?

Yes, you heard me right.

At the time of writing this article (December 19, 2019) you can still enjoy looking at someone’s Instagram public photos without having an account of your own.

Recently it was reported that Instagram has stopped people browsing public Instagram profiles without having an Instagram account.

View Instagram Public Profile Photos Without An Account

It is similar to what has happened to Pinterest.

After scrolling a couple of photos or videos, Instagram will force a pop-up box, asking you to log-in or create an account and you cannot scroll any further.

Simultaneously, there is a translucent background layer veiling over the photos.

In short, you can’t lurk on Instagram anymore unless you’re logged in.

Fret not folks.

There are various ways to bypass or get around to view Instagram public profiles pictures or photos without being logged in or even have an account.

Just like how you can still view Pinterest photos without having to login in or even have an account.

In my past post I have shown you how to continue viewing Pinterest images without signing up an account or log in.

Now, let's get back to Instagram.

So, how to view Instagram public profile photos or videos that blocked you?

Read on...

View Instagram Public Profile Photos Without An Account

Here are three methods to browse Instagram public images:

Method One: Using Developer Tools

There are three steps to do it:

Step One: To Enable Scrolling Function

1. Go to any of the Instgram public profile which you want to access or view.

2. Scroll down until the pop-up box appears together with the translucent background layer.  

3. Press on the F12 key of your keyboard.

4. Immediately the Developer Tools will appear on the page.

5. Look for this line: <body class =" "style =" overflow: hidden; >

Instagram requires login now

6. Double click on the word "hidden".

7. Then click one more time again and make sure the short flashing vertical line (aka cursor) is next to the word "hidden".

8. By moving your mouse, move the cursor to the front of the word "hidden" and delete it away.

9. Replace it with the word: visible.

view Instagram without account or login

10. Then click on the page.

11. Now you can scroll down the Instagram page.

12. But the pop-up box and the translucent background layer is still there.

Step Two: Remove Pop-up Box

1. Click on the first icon of the Development Tools called "Pick an element from the page".

view Instagram public photos no signup

2. Move your mouse cursor just slightly outside or just slightly inside the pop-up box.

Note: The page will have a light blue color layer over the page.

3. Click on it and then press the "Delete" key of your keyboard.

4. Instantly the pop-up box vanishes.

Step Three: Remove Translucent Background Layer

1. Similar to #1 in Step Two, move your mouse cursor to the first icon called "Pick an element from the page" and click on it.

2. Now move your mouse cursor over anywhere on the translucent page.

3. Instantly you will see a light blue color screen covering over the translucent background layer.

4. Click on it and then press on the "Delete" key of your keyboard.

5. Instantly the translucent layer disappears like magic.   

6. Finally you can close the Develop Tools by clicking on the "X" symbol.

That's all.

Now you can enjoy viewing this particular Instagram profile right away.

Method Two: Via Pop Up Screen

1. Go the Instagram public profile which you like to browse.

2. Do not scroll, just click on any of the image right away.

3. The image will pop up.

4. To keep viewing all the images, just clicking  on the "arrow key" next to the pop-up image.

view pictures on Instagram without an account

 Method Three: View Via No Style

1. Go to any of the Instagram public profile site which you like to browse.

2. Move you mouse cursor (arrow symbol) over to "View" on the menu bar, which is on the top of your computer screen.

3. Click on "View" and a menu-box appears.

4. Move your mouse cursor to "Page Style" and then move over to "No Style" and click on  it.

look at someone's instagram without an account

5. Immediately the Instagram page will change its layout design.

6. All the images or photos will not be orderly arranged as it is.

7. Even the sizes of the images are different too.

8. But you can still view all the photos in the Instagram public profile.

Note: You need to scroll down slowly by pressing the downward arrow key of your keyboard.

And you must pause every now and then to let the images to load.

If you scroll to fast, you will not get to browse all the available images.

It will break and stop right and you have to start all over again. 

This method is cumbersome, but it still works.

These are three definitely-work tips which you can browse or view Instagram public profile images, without having to log in or even have an account.

Note: For Google Chrome users, you can enjoy viewing Instagram photos without login by installing this extension called "Remove Instagram Login Pop Up".

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