February 28, 2019

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How To Read All Loeb Classical Library Books Online Without Subscription

Do you know you can read all Loeb Classical Library online, without having to be a paid subscriber?

In short, free of charge to read all those books.

For those who do not know:

The Loeb Classical Library website is filled with a huge collection of books.

At the time of writing this post, there are 542 books available.

They are basically classic works of ancient Greek and Latin Literature published by Harvard University Press.

Of course, this abstruse stuff is not for everyone; or rather for most of us.

how to read Loeb Classical Library books online without subscription

But for those who are into this great literary works, then read on...

For a start, in fact, you can already access some of Loeb Classical Library books online via these three websites:

1. Wikisource/Loeb Classical Library

2. EDonnelly

3. Loebolus 

But these sites DO NOT have the whole complete collection of 542 books currently.

How To Read Loeb Classical Library Books Online For Free

The problem is you can only access or read ONE PAGE of the book.

Then when you click to the following page, you are greeted by this message:

"You've reached the page view limit for your Loeb Classical Library preview. Please log in or subscribe to continue reading."

So, how do you continue reading, if you are not a paid subscriber?

Keep reading.

There are TWO (2) ways to overcome this bypass its paywall.

METHOD ONE: Clear Browser Cookies

This is what you do when you come to the view-limit page.

1. You click on "History" at the menu bar. A menu pops up

2. Then move your mouse cursor down and click on "Clear Recent History...".

Loeb Classical Library free reading

3. The "Clear All History" box will pop up.

4. Click on the "Clear Now" button.

Loeb Classical Library no subscription

5. Now you just go back to very page which you cannot access, where there is this page-view limit remarks.

6. You click on the "Reload current page" icon (circular arrow symbol) on the URL bar on top left hand corner of your computer screen.

Loeb Classical Library free reading

7. The page which you can't access, now it appears.

8. Then if you continue to read the next page, you will encounter the same page-view limit remarks again.

9. Again, you have to repeat the process as shown above.

10. In short, you have to clear the browser cookies and then reload the current page.

You get to read all the books from the Loeb Classical Library online for free.

METHOD TWO: Firefox Temporary Containers Extension

You just installed the Firefox extension, and you can just continue reading the books uninterrupted.

This is what you do:

1. Install the Firefox Temporary Containers extension.

2. After you have installed it, you can start to read unlimited books right away.

3. Go to any book at Loeb Classical Library, which you want to read.

4. DO NOT click on the "Next Page" icon (>) on the right side of the page to continue reading.

5. Instead you RIGHT CLICK on the "Next Page" icon.

6. A menu pops up next to the "Next Page" icon.

read Loeb Classical Library books free

7. Next click on "Open link in new Temporary Container tab".

8. It will load the new pages in a new tab.

9. To continue reading the rest of the pages, again you RIGHT CLICK on the "Next Page" icon.

10. Then click on "Open link in new Temporary Container tab".

11. You don't get disrupted by the page view limit reminder again.

I hope you enjoy reading all those wonderful tome of knowledge in peace.

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