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Last Updated On:September 19, 2012

How To Use FoxyProxy To Bypass Blocked YouTube Videos Or Blocked Webites

 Last Updated: August 11th, 2017

Here is how you use FoxyProxy Standard extension to bypass blocked YouTube videos and other blocked websites.

Note: Recently I tried using a few proxy servers to access a blocked YouTube video, but failed.

Then when I tried using Ultrasurf, it worked perfectly.

Download And Install FoxyProxy

1. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser.

2. Go to:

3. Click "Continue to Download".

4. It will take you to new page. Now click the green button "+ Add to Firefox".

5. A dialogue box pops up at the top of your screen which says: "Add-on downloading".

6. Once it has finished downloading. A box called "Software Installation" pops up.

7. Click "Install Now".

8. Then you will see another dialogue box pops up saying: "FoxyProxy Standard will be installed after you restart Firefox".

9. Click "Restart Now".

10. You should be able to see the small blue color FoxyProxy icon at the address bar in Windows.

install FoxyProxy on FireFox

Next you need to setup a new proxy with this tool, then only you can access those blocked YouTube videos.

How To Set Up FoxyProxy

1. Click on the small blue fox head icon on the address bar.

2. A box pops up. There is a blue color band with "Proxy Name Default” next to it.

how to unblock YouTube in your country

3. Click on the "Add New Proxy" button on the right side of the box.

4. Another box called "FoxyProxy Standard – Proxy Settings” pops up.

5. Select “Manual Proxy Configuration”.

6. You have to type in both the blank spaces for “Server or IP Address (H)” and “Port”.

7. They are just a set of digits or numbers, which you can get them from various websites.

8. Here is one site where you can get the IP addresses.

FoxyProxy to bypass blocked YouTube videos

9. Note: Keep this site on your browser. Do not close it as yet. You may need it later when you find the "IP Address" which you have selected might NOT work with Google.

10. From the list, just pick any one of IP address and try it out. As for the "Port", the digits are: 8080.

11. After filling up the numbers or digits, select/click on “General” tab at the top of the box.
 You should see a blue color box beside the words “Valid Color”.

how to install FoxyProxy to bypass Youtube blocked videos

12. Click on the blue box, a colored box will pop up.

how to watch blocked YouTube Videos with FoxyProxy

13.  Once you hover your cursor over the colored section of the box, it will change to a plus (+) sign. When it is out of the colored section, it changes to the normal cursor arrow sign.

14. What you do is you drag the color slider (small white triangles) along the narrow colorful strip on the right side of the box.

how to get around blocked YouTube Videos

15. Select another color other than the default blue color. The purpose is to indicate the new proxy.

how to access blocked YouTube videos tutorial

16. Now click the “OK” button below.

Note: If you have problem seeing the "OK" button at the bottom of the box, because you cannot reduce the size of the box small enough to see it. Then just press the "Enter" key from your keyboard.

17. A box will pop up showing you both the Default (blue color) and your newly setup proxy (with the color of your choice) as explained above.

how to unblocked YouTube videos with FoxyProxy

18. To test out whether this particular proxy will work or not, go to “Select Mode:” located above and select your newly setup proxy.

19. Click on “Use proxy “" for all URLs.

20. Then click on the “Close” button.

21. Now the small blue color fox icon at the address bar will change it color to the one which you have selected.

how to get past blocked YouTube videos with FoxyProxy

Now let's find out how to use FoxyProxy to unblock YouTube in your country.

How To Use FoxyProxy To Access Blocked YouTube Videos

1. Now check whether your newly setup proxy can access blocked YouTube video.

2. If you still cannot access the blocked YouTube video, and have problem loading the page, it means your newly setup proxy CANNOT be used.

3. You need to replace with a new IP address. The "Port" need not have to change. It is still set at: "8080".

IMPORTANT:  Before you make any change, you need to revert it back to either: "Completely disable FoxyProxy" or Use proxy "Default" for all URLs at "Select Mode" first.

4. You do this by clicking on the small fox icon at the address bar.

5. A box pops up and you click on the box next to "Select Mode".

how to watch YouTube videos not available in your country

6.  A menu drop down. Select and click on "Completely disable FoxyProxy" or Use proxy "Default" for all URLs.

7.  Then click on the newly setup proxy.

8.  Next click on the "Edit Selection" button on the right side of the box.

9. A box pops up.

bypass youtube country block with FoxyProxy

10. Replace another new set of numbers to the "Server or IP Address (H).

11. Click the "Close" button or just press the "Enter" key.

12. Now go back to the "Select Mode" and and select/click back the newly replaced proxy.

how to watch blocked YouTube videos in your country with proxy

13. Now click the "Close" button below.

14. Try playing the blocked YouTube video again.

15. If it works, then that newly replaced proxy can be used. Otherwise, you need to go back to step # 4 to replace another new set of numbers.

16. If you can play the blocked YouTube video, it means now you can access all the other blocked websites.

17. That's all.

Note: Remember to set back to either: Use proxy "Default" for all URLs or Completely disable FoxyProxy, when you want to access your usual websites.

Then click the "Close" button. You should see the blue color fox head or the fox head with a red slash line across at the address bar.

Written by: Kher Cheng Guan