May 1, 2020

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How To Bypass Blocked Websites With Free anonymoX

Want to know how to bypass blocked websites with free anonymoX?

Then keep reading...

It is very easy and simple to set up this free Firefox extension.

This free proxy server not only allowed you to access all those restricted websites in your country, it has many other benefits.

It changes your IP address, so you are are actually browsing the web, from another country anonymously.

how to bypass blocked Websites with Free anonymoX

For the free version, there is a data limit for each day.

Once you have hit the limit, the network speed of this Add-on will now be limited to 400 Kbit/s for the rest of the day.

For those free users, my advice is, if you are not using it for any specific purpose, remember to turn it off by dragging the slider to the left to deactivate it.

How To Bypass Blocked Sites With Free anonymoX

If you like to give it a try, then follow me:

STEP ONE: Install anonymoX

1. First you need to install anonymoX by clicking here.

2. Then click on the "+ Add to Firefox" blue color button.

3. Once you have successfully installed onto your Firefox browser, you can see the "X" sign at top right hand corner of your computer screen.

STEP TWO: How To Use anonymoX

1. After you have opened your Firefox browser, click on the "X" sign at the top right hand corner of the address bar.

2. A menu pops up.

3. If your Firefox browser is blank, then the menu says: "Non-proxied page", together with a red circle with a white "X" inside.

unblock websites firefox addon

4. You need to type in any of your search words or terms in the Firefox first and press "Enter".

5. In other words, your Firefox needs to show the search engine results.

6. Now when you click on the "X" icon of at the top right hand corner again, you notice the interface of the Addon is will show the "Inactive" mode.

how to access blocked websites with anonymoX

7. You use your mouse cursor to drag at the small grey color slider to the right.

8. Instantly, the slider will change from grey to blue color, and the word "Inactive" changes to "Active".

9. At the same time you can see a country flag underneath the slider and another one in the anonymoX cloud.

browse anonymously and bypass restricted sites

10. That's the country you are supposed to be surfing from right now.

11. If you want to change to other country, you click on the small inverted triangle next to: "connected via".

access blocked website in Firefox

12. A box pops up showing you a list of servers from other countries.

13. To select the another country, you click on the country flag, then click on the "X" at the top right hand corner to close the box.

unblocked restricted websites with Firefox addon

14. Now you should see the newly selected country flag displays under the word "Active" and inside the anonymoX cloud.

15. Now go to the blocked site which you would like to visit with your Firefox.

16. I am sure you could access the blocked website right away.

I have used it every now and then, and it works wonderfully. That's all.

So, why don't you just try it out with anonymoX FREE version now?

If you don't like it, you can always delete it away from your Firefox.

Disclaimer: Use anonymoX at your own risk.

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