January 24, 2020

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Download Book Preview Pages With FSS Google Books Downloader

Third Update: Jan 2020

Learn how to download book preview pages with "FSS Google Books Downloader".

In my past blog post, I have already shared with you how to download free preview pages of books with "Google Books Downloader Lite".

This tutorial I am using another free downloading tool called "FSS Google Books Downloader".

download preview pages with FSS Google Books Downloader

This tool has a bit more functions as compared to the former.

But it is still very easy to setup and download preview pages of books at Google Books website.

Download Book Preview Pages With FSS Google Books Downloader

Now I'm going to share with you how to setup the software and download the preview pages of books from Google Books.

PART ONE: Install And Set Up FSS Google Books Downloader

1. Go to FSS Google Books Downloader.

2. Click on the green color "Download Last Version" button.

download preview pages books of Google Books

3. From there you just follow the instruction and install this free tool in your computer.

4. After you have installed this free tool, you launch or open it.

free download Google Books

5. First you can choose to set where you want to save your downloaded file.

6. By default, it has already set the "Save to" to your Desktop.

7. But if you want to change it to other location in your computer, you click on the blue color "Browse" icon next to the empty space, titled "Save to".

8. A menu pops up, choose the place you want to save the downloaded book preview pages.

downloading FSS Google Books Downloader

9. After you have decided, then click the "OK" button.

10. Underneath the "Save to", there are three options for you choose from.

11. This is for you to choose the format of the output of the Google book preview pages: PDF, JPG or PNG.

12. If you just want to read the preview pages, then you can just set it at: PDF

13. But if you want to edit the text of these preview pages with OCR, then set it at: JPEG or PNG.

14. When you set it as JPEG/PNG format, the finished downloaded files comes with each individual page.

15. The "Resolution(px)" and "DPI", you can just leave them as they are, in "Default" mode.

free Google books downloader

16. After the settings are done.

17. Now, let's find out how to download the preview pages.

PART TWO: How To Download Preview Pages From Google Books

1. Go to Google Books website.

2. Type in the book title in the blank space provided.

3. Next you either click on the magnifying glass icon next to the book title, or you press the "Enter" key on your keyboard.

4. Make sure the book which you like to copy must has the word "Preview" under the book title.

how to download google books preview pages

5. Click on the book title or the word "Preview".

6. It will open a new page with the selected book.

7. Now let's go back to FSS Google Books Downloader interface.

PART THREE: How To Download With FSS Google Books Downloader

1. Use your mouse cursor to copy the book URL at the address bar located at the top of your computer screen.

2. Then place your mouse cursor over the "Paste URL" button and click on it.

download Google books preview
3. Wait for for a while for it to download.

4. Once it has finished, the book cover,  its title together with some description of the book appeared inside the FSS Downloader interface.

FSS Google Books Downloader free

5. Next click on the "Download" button.

6. While it is downloading, you can see the green color bar gradually filling up.

7. Once it's completed downloading, a box pops up with a green color tick sign.

8. If you set it as "PDF", you can read it right away by clicking "Open PDF" button.

Google books preview pages download

9. Immediately the downloaded preview pages will appear in the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

10. To close the pop-up box, click the "OK" button or the red color "X" icon.

11. You can also close the FSS Google Books Downloader interface, by clicking on the red "cross" button at the top right hand corner.

12. In fact the completed downloaded PDF file is already saved on location which you have set earlier.  (PART ONE: #8)

download Google book preview pages

13. If you saved it on JPEG format, the pop up box will named it as: "Open folder".

14. When you click  on it, it will open a new page with all the book preview pages.

15. Similarly you can find the folder saved on location which you have set earlier.

free Google book preview pages downloader

16. That's all.

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