November 1, 2017

How To Find Free Kindle Books In Amazon By Category Guide 2017

Here is how to find all the free Kindle books in Amazon by category.

There are loads of free Kindle books which are freely and readily available for your reading pleasure.

Just get all of them for free and I bet you don't free time to read them all!

how to find free Kindle books by category

If you know precisely where to get these free Kindle e-books, it saves you time and effort groping around the Internet.

So wasting any of your time, let's find out how to find the specific free Kindle book you want from Amazon.

Find Free Kindle Books In Amazon By Category

1. First you click on this link.

2. You will see that it is titled as "Best Sellers in Kindle" and "Top 100 Free", as shown below:
find free kindle books online

3. To look for free Kindle books from each individual category, first click on "Kindle eBooks", on the left side of the page.

how to find free kindle books amazon

4. It will open a new page and you can see the complete list of different categories on the left side of the page.

5. It ranges from "Arts & Photography" to "Travel".

how to get free Kindle books online

6. When you click on each of these categories, it will show you a list of more sub-categories.

7. For instance, if you click on "Arts & Photography", it will show you a list as shown on the image below:

Amazon Kindle free books to download
8. If you click on "Dance", it will open another new page and shows more categories, as shown below:

how to find good free Kindle books on Amazon
9. Take your time to zero into the kind of books which you are looking for.

With this simple method you can find good free Kindle e-books on Amazon easier and faster.

Written by: Kher Cheng Guan