September 26, 2019

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How To Delete Unused Photos In Blogger Tutorial

Many of you Blogger users do not know exactly how to delete unused images or photos.

For WordPress users, they can just use the Image Cleanup plugin to help use to locate and then you can remove them from cluttering up the Media Library.

From what I have read, some said that by cleaning up all the unused plugins, photos can help to improve the page speed loading time.

As they say page speed is one key ranking factors.

In short, it is a boost to search engine optimization (SEO).

delete unused photos in Blogger

So how do delete or get rid of those unused images in Blogger stored in Google Album Archive?

Let's find out now:

Remove Unused Photos In Blogger 

For those of you who use Blogger/Blogspot, this is a tutorial on how to get rid off unused photos which are left behind in the Google Album Archive.

1. Log into your Blogger account.

2. Now copy this: and paste it on the address bar of the web browser. It will take you to your Google Album Archive.

3. You should see one of the boxes titled "Photos from Blogger" here.

4. Click on it. If you have more than one Blogger blogs, you can see all the individual blog listed there.

5. To get to the photo(s) which you want to remove, click on the name of that particular blog.

6. It will open a new page showing you all the photos or images which you have uploaded for that blog.

7. Now click on the photo which you want to delete.

8. It will again open another new page showing you just that particular photo.

9. On the top right hand corner, you can see three dots. Once you place your mouse cursor on it, it says "More options".

10. Click on it and it will drop down a menu showing you a list of options. (see image below)

delete unused photos in Blogger
11. You click on "Delete photo".

12. A menu box will pop up as shown below:

how to delete blogger unused photos

13.  You click the blue color word "DELETE".

Note: Make sure you delete the correct photo. Once it is deleted, it is gone for good.

14. If you did it wrongly, one of your blog posts will appear without its accompanied photo.

15. Instead you will only see this light grey color image as shown below.

delete unused photos Google Album Archive
16. That's all.

Important: Make sure you don't accidentally click on "Delete Album"!

Then all the images from that particular blog will be gone.

You do this by going to that particular blog archive, without selecting any image or photo.

On top right hand corner, click on the three-dots.

It opens a menu box just as shown below, and you click "Delete album".

delete unused images Google Album Archive
This is how to delete or remove unused photos or images from Google Album Archive.