June 6, 2011

How To Overcome Irritating/Annoying Pop Up Box?


How To Overcome Annoying Pop Up Box

Have you visit a site or a blog wanting to read a post, and you come across the irritating or annoying pop up box purposely set such away, where the "close" button is hidden below the fold?

In other words, you cannot click on the "close" button because it is below your monitor screen.

You try to scroll down to get to the close button and then when you move your cursor to click the "close" button, the pop up box immediately drops down below the fold; making it impossible for you to click on the "close" button.  

So you cannot read the post as you intended.

This is what you can do:

Use Arrow Down Key To Get Pop Up Box Out Of Your Way
1. Use your Arrow Down key (downward sign arrow) as shown above. Keep pressing down onto the Arrow Down key with any of your left hand finger to bring up the annoying pop up box which keeps dropping down, so you can see the "close" button. 

When you are doing this, you will see the box jerking, as you continuously keep pressing down on the Arrow Down key.

2. And at the same time, use your right hand to drag the cursor towards the "close" button and click it. 

That's how to get the irritating pop up box out of your way.