You Can Still Download Existing Files From Torrentz - August 2016

Able To Download Existing Files From Torrentz

For those of you who are using torrent sites, you should know now that recently (August 5, 2016) has announced "farewell" to its millions of users.

In other words, Torrentz has shut down.

This is one of the more popular and largest meta-search resource for torrents for the past 13 years.

Now if you go over to, you will be greeted with this remark:

Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.

And a lonely kitten icon. (as shown below)

can still download existing files from torrentz

Do you know in the meantime, you can still download the existing files from Torrentz?

If you can still find those links which are still indexed in Google search, you can still download those existing files.

This is what you do:

1. When you find the still existing Torrentz indexed page on the Google search results, you move your cursor next to the tiny reverse triangle symbol next to the URL.

2. Then click on it.

3. Now you can see two words: "Cached" and "Similar".

4. Click on the word "Cached".

still able to download files from torrentz

5. It will open the page, where you can still find the links to the torrent files.

6. You just click on any of the links and it still works just as usual.

Note: You better download whatever stuff you want right away.

Before long, I'm sure all these Google indexed links will be gone for good.

* By the way, the other popular illegal torrent site KickAss Torrents has been shut down too.