February 25, 2019

How To Browse Pinterest Pictures Without Creating An Account Or Logging In 2019

Here is my latest workable tips on how to view Pinterest images without an account or logging in.

Yes, it is true.

For those of you who do not want to sign up for Pinterest, you can still view all the images, without interruption.

But the problem is each time when you scroll down to view more pictures or photos on Pinterest, you get this annoying sign-up box appears right in the middle of the screen, blocking you from viewing the images, as shown below:

pinterest without registration firefox

In addition, you notice there is a darkened translucent layer screened over all the images.

So, how to get rid of these two obstructions?

In other words, how to access Pinterest without joining?

Don't fret, there are ways...

I know there is a free FireFox Add-on called Pinterest-Guest.

After you have installed this Firefox extension, you can enjoy viewing all the pictures or images without having to login or sign up with an account with Pinterest.

Pinterest-Guest Not Working 2019

But today (23 February, 2019)I tried using it with this Pinterest-Guest add-on, and it doesn't seem to work anymore.

I checked with its site, and there are feedbacks that this free tool is not working for some of its users too.

I have even tried reinstalling its latest version 2.1 (released Jan 31, 2019), yet it is still not working!

Anyway, back in year 2016, I have already written a tutorial on how to view all the Pinterest images, without registration or login.

I admit, it's a wee bit complicated.

How To View Pictures On Pinterest Without joining 2019

Here is an updated tutorial on how to get rid of the sign-up box together with the translucent screen for Firefox users.

First you need to open Page Inspector of Firefox Developer Tools.

There are three ways to do it:


1. You right click on any translucent area of the page, and a menu box will pop up.

2. Move your cursor mouse, and click on "Inspect Element(Q)".

browse pinterest without login firefox

Note: If you are using Google Chrome, then you only see the word "Inspect".

3. Then you can see a white panel with lots of coding in it.

This panel is docked at the bottom by default.

You can set it on the left or the right side of your computer screen, or even as as a separate window.

Find out from here on how to do it.


1. You click on "Tools" on the Menu Bar.

2. Then move your cursor to "Web Developer" and then click on "Inspector".

3. Instantly, the Firefox Developer Tools will appear at the bottom of the page.

How do I get rid of the Pinterest pop up


1. You just press on the "F12" key of your keyboard.

2. Automatically, your Firefox Developer Tools will pop up at the bottom of your PC screen.

Now, let's continue to get rid of the Pinterest popup.

1. Move your cursor to the first icon called "Pick an element for the page" and click on it.

view pinterest without account

2. Now move your cursor over the "Pinterest sign-up box" and click on it as shown below:

how to browse pinterest without an account

3. Press on the "Delete" key twice (two times).

4. The white sign up box should disappear.

5. But the translucent screen is still there.

6. To remove it, continue pressing the "Delete" key four (4) times.

7. In other words, to get rid of the sign up box and the blurred layer over the images completely, you need to press the "Delete" key, all together six (6) times.

8. That's all.

9. Close the Firefox Developer Inspector Tools by clicking on the "X" sign, aka "Close Developer Tools".

Now you should be able to scroll and view all the Pinterest images without any hindrance.

This is how you can get to browse Pinterest images without having to sign up to be a member or login to your account for Firefox users.

Written by: Kher Cheng Guan