March 15, 2018

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How To Use YouTube Adsense In Custom Domain Blogger Or WordPress Site Tutorial 2018

This tutorial is for those who already have a YouTube Adsense account and would like to use the same ad code onto their other sites (custom domain Blogger or WordPress).

Two common questions are: "I have Adsense account approved for YouTube and now I tried showing ads on Blogspot blog, but it doesn't work".

"Can I use YouTube Adsense on website?"

I know these questions about using YouTube Adsense account for websites or blogs is regularly asked in Adsense Help Forum.

Yet, still many of you are still very confused about this issue.

Probably because of the various terminology used in the Adsense Help Forum and Quora, include: hosted account, non-hosted account, hosted Adsense account, top-level domain, custom domain Blogger, Adsense for content, YouTube hosted AdSense, etc.

how to use YouTube Adsense in custom domain Blogger or WordPress

I will consistently use my own version of the terminology to explain in this tutorial, so you don't get lost.

Follow closely.

Now you have an Adsense account that was approved through YouTube.

This kind of account I called it YouTube Adsense Hosted Account, as it is approved from a hosted site, YouTube.

But what if you want to use this YouTube Adsense Hosted Account for your other websites or blogs?


You CANNOT just use the ad code from YouTube Adsense Hosted Account on your other sites right away.

It won't work!

So, what should you do?

You need to request to UPGRADE your YouTube Hosted AdSense Account to a Non-hosted AdSense Account.

A Non-hosted Adsense Account is the one that you can use on any of your website.

It is not easy to apply for this kind of Adsense account, as you require a quality site that meet its requirements.

So, how to UPGRADE your YouTube Hosted Account to a Non-hosted Adsense Account

You need to submit an application and get APPROVAL from Google.

To submit the application, you must provide Google with the URL of the site that you want to monetize with Adsense code.


It is NOT just the URL of any site!

It has to the URL with a top-level domain of a fully qualified site.

In other words, a quality published site with a custom domain.

Let me elaborate here.

What is a top-level domain?

It simply means the domain name must have a .com or .net or .org or .biz, etc.

In other words, your other sites got to have their own custom domains.

For instance: or

Listen to this carefully.

You CANNOT submit: the free subdomain Blogger site ( or other subdomain URL to upgrade your YouTube Adsense Hosted Account to Non-hosted Adsense Account.

But CAN use your CUSTOM DOMAIN Blogger site.

A custom domain Blogger is a site that uses your own purchased domain name, and the site is hosted free on Blogger. More details here.

When I said "fully qualified site", I mean a site that meets a certain eligibility requirements by Adsense.

Note: If you still haven't verified your address via a Personal Identification Number (PIN) of your YouTube Adsense Hosted Account, then you'll need to do this before you can apply to upgrade.

Now, let me show you step-by-step how to apply for upgrading your YouTube Adsense Hosted Account to Non-hosted AdSense Account.

1. Sign in to your YouTube AdSense Hosted Account which you have created via YouTube.
2. In the left navigation panel, click "My ads".
3. Then click "Other products".
4. It will open new page with the remark: "Show ads on other websites".

5. Type in the URL of the site which you want to use Adsense in the box next to: "I will show ads on".

how to link YouTube Adsense account to Blogger

6. Then click on the blue color "Submit" button.

how to connect YouTube Adsense account with wordpress

7. It will show you a yellow tick sign together with the word "DONE".

8. Scroll down a little and you can see three instructions

how to upgrade YouTube AdSense Hosted Account

9. Copy the code provided there.

10. Now, leave the YouTube Adsense Hosted Account alone for the time being.

11. Go over to the site which you want to monetize.

12.  If it is a WordPress blog,  go to header.php and paste the code between <head> and </head> tags.

13. Then click the "Update File" button.

14. If it is a Custom Domain Blogger,  click on "Theme", then click on "Edit HTML".

15. Paste the code between the <head> and </head> tags.

16. Next click on "Save theme".

17. Once you have pasted the code on your site, you come back to YouTube Adsense Hosted Account again, and click on the tiny box next to the remark: "I've pasted the code into my site".

Adsense hosted account Wordpress

18. Click the blue color "DONE" button below it.

19. Now it will show you the page with the remark: "We're reviewing your site".

how to connect YouTube Adsense account with WordPress

20. Before Google approve your application, your ad units on your site will remain blank.

21. Now you have to wait for Google to review and approve your site.

22. That can take about a month to know the result.

23. Once your request is approved, you will received an email from Google informing you that within a few hours you would see live ads served on your site.

24. Remember, NOT all applications will be approved!

25. If you don’t get the approval from Google AdSense, you can always resubmit.

That's is how apply for upgrading your YouTube Adsense Hosted Account to Non-hosted Adsense Account.