November 19, 2012

Know Which Images From Pinterest Send Visitors To Your Site In Google Analytics

Do you want to know which images from Pinterest send visitors to your site?

Well, then read on...

As you know these days, you cannot totally rely on Google to send you organic traffic anymore.

Google is not just a search engine, but has become a competitor to your blog or website.

It is a big threat to us small-time search marketers.

The days of we provide the content, and Google provides the traffic is over.

Now more than 50% of Google searches end without a click from the visitors, aka zero-click searches.

Most of the Google searcher never actually reaches on your site.

Google is scraping content from websites and putting the answer right on the search engine results page.

On December 2019, the lyrics website Genius is suing Google for $50 million over allegedly stolen song lyrics.

So it is important to spread your search for traffic from various sources.

Pinterest is one happening site which you should look into now.

By the way, Pinterest is now the third largest social media platform in the United States.

Furthermore as reported in eMarketer, Pinterest surpassed Snapchat in 2019, and it will continue to stay ahead in the coming years.

It mentioned that Pinterest users will account for 41.1% of all US social network users in year 2020.

In addition, it is important to know which of your Pinterest images are sending your blog or website.

From there you can tweak and make the best selection of images, which are sure of sending you massive visitors to your sites.

Know Which Images From Pinterest Send Visitors To Your Site

Here is a simple way to find out which pictures or images from Pinterest have sent traffic to your site, by using Google Analytics.

1. Go to "Traffic Sources".

2. Then under "Sources", click Referrals.

3. Type in the word pinterest in the blank box next to the word "advanced".

4. Press "Enter" or click on the magnifying glass icon next to the blank box.

5. You should see m.pinterest.com and pinterest.com listed under "Source".

6. To find out what pictures or images from your Pinterest site are sending traffic to your site by clicking on pinterest.com and m.pinterrest.com.

7. Next you should see something like "/pin/ followed by a row of digits and end ended with a slash. (example: /pin/894633873764/)

8. You can see two small overlapping squares with an arrow sign same row as the code as mentioned above.

9. Click on it and a box should pop up and show you the particular picture or image from your Pinterest.

10. This is how you can know which pictures or photos are sending visitors to your blog or website.

With this findings, you can explore and exploit the opportunity of getting more traffic to your site.

I hope this simple yet very effective way of driving ready traffic or visitors to your site.

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