May 21, 2019

How To Fix WordPress Redirection Plugin Not Redirecting To New URL

Find out how to fix WordPress Redirection plugin not redirecting problem.

Yesterday I tried to redirect a blog post, which had been re-written and updated.

When I checked with the old URL of that particular blog post, it did redirect to the new updated post with the new URL.

But when I clicked on the "Check Redirect" of the Redirection plugin,

fix Redirection plugin not redirecting new URL

to my surprise, it said:

Found: 200

Agent: Not using Redirection, together with a red color 'X' sign.

Instead of 301 Redirect, it is showing the 200 status.

So, what's wrong here?

WordPress Redirection Plugin not redirecting

I was confused about whether the redirection was working correctly.

For those of you who encountered this same problem; where the Redirection plugin says that the redirection is not working, when when you clicked on the old post, when actually it did redirect perfectly.

Don't worry.

The redirection function is working fine.

WordPress Redirection Plugin Not Redirecting

Here is how you to solve this Found: 200 and Agent: Not using Redirection problem.

You need to clear the cache of your WordPress plugin.

As for my case, I installed WP Fastest Cache.

So, I need to click on "Clear Cache" of this plugin.

Redirection plugin not working

After I have cleared the cache, I clicked on the "Recheck Redirect".

And this time, I saw a green color tick sign, together with the remark Found: 301.

It means the redirection is 100% in working order.

In short, there is nothing wrong here.

You need to clear your plugin cache, then only you can see the remark, Found: 301.

This is how I resolved the Redirection plugin which so-called not redirecting; when actually it is redirecting properly.

Written by: Kher Cheng Guan