February 24, 2018

How To Use Two Different Blog Post Titles To Increase More Clicks And Better Ranking With Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

For WordPress users, who are using Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, keep reading...

I have a great tip which you can do with this plugin by Joost de Valk.

You can get more clicks and rank well at the search engine results.

What's all the fuss?

how to create two blog posts titles with Yoast SEO Wordpress plugin

Two Different Blog Post Titles With Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

You come up TWO Blog Post Titles for a single post or article.

The first title is meant for your readers.

The second title is meant for the search engines.

First Blog Post Title (For Readers)

1. To write a new blog post, you go the WordPress admin Dashboard.

2. Scroll down to "Posts" and click on "Add New".

3. Now you can see an empty text editor, where you write the post title and article.

4. The first title is the one which you type in the empty box with the words "Enter title here".

5. It is above the post or article.

create two blog titles with Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

6. This blog post title will be displayed only on your blog, to be seen by your readers.

Second Blog Post Title (For Search Engines)

1. The second blog post title is to be filled at the bottom of the blog post.

2. You need to scroll down until you come to Yoast SEO section.

3. If you cannot see the words "SEO title", then you click on the "Edit snippet" button.

write SEO title with Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

4. It will drop down the menu and you can see "SEO title".

5. Right underneath, there is a box with "%%title%%".

6. Place your cursor into the box and type out the second title.

7. Immediately the "%%title%%" will vanish.

8. This second so-called "SEO title" will be displayed on the Google search results in blue color.

write SEO title with Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

Note: In Yoast SEO section, there is a box called "Meta description".

Yoast SEO WordPressplugin meta description

Here is for you to write a short description about the particular blog post.

Remember to add in your "Focus keyword" in both blog post titles and meta description to make your post more search engine friendly.

If you still haven't use Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, you should try it.  

Written by: Kher Cheng Guan