November 24, 2014

Free File Converters Without Installing Software Onto Your PC

Here is a free website with various file converters.

You can convert media files directly online from one format into another, without having to give way your email address or installing any software onto your PC.

It has: audio, video, image, document, e-book, archive and hash converter.

free file converters no installation onto your PC required

All the tools can convert media easy and fast from one format to another. It supports a lot of different source formats.

For example if you want to convert your audio file to WAV in high quality with its free online WAV converter, go to Audio converter.

Then click on the click on the small black inverted triangle and it will drop down a list of options.

Select and click on "Convert to WAV" and instantly it will take you to another page.

If not, then you have to click on the "Go" button next to it.

Now you upload your audio file by clicking on the "Browse" button.

You can also enter the URL of the audio file which you want to convert.

Or select a file from your cloud storage (Dropbox or Google Drive) for a WAV conversion

Then click the "Convert file" button.

Just wait for a while it to upload and convert the file.

free online file converter without installing onto PC
 Once it is done, it will says: "Your file has been successfully converted" together with a tick sign in a green circle.

If you've  installed VLC media Player, automatically a box will pop up with the converted WAV audio file.

free file converters needs no installation onto your computer

Now you can play the audio in WAV format.

Check out this website with ample file converters to fulfill your needs.

Written by: Kher Cheng Guan