May 17, 2017

How To Access Internet Radio Stations In VLC Media Player Tutorial 2017

I have been using the free versatile media player program, VLC just to watch movies and listen to my favorite music CDs for a long time now.

Last Sunday afternoon I was fiddling around with its interface, and I accidentally discovered an interesting feature called Icecast Radio Directory.

how to use IceCast Radio Directory in VLC media player

Do you know you can use this free software to listen to lots of internet radio stations from all over the world?

For those of you who already installed VLC in your PC, you may like to try it out.

How To Use Internet Radio Stations in VLC Media Player  

This is what you.

1. Click to open or launch your VLC media player.

2. Click on "View" on top of the interface.

3. Then click "Playlist".

how to use internet radio stations with VLC media player

4. Next look for "IceCast Radio Directory" on the left side of the interface, listed under "Internet".

5. Click on "Icecast Radio Directory".

internet radio stations in VLC Media Player

6. Wait for a while, then a long list of internet radio stations will appear on the right side of the interface.

7. Don't be overwhelmed. I know there lots of radio stations in there!

how to tune to internet radio stations in VLC media player

8. You use the small search box on the top right hand corner, to help you to filter down the stations by genre name.
how to use IceCast Radio Directory in VLC media player
  9. For instance, if you like to enjoy country music, just type country into the box.

10. Automatically it will filter down the radio stations which play country music.

11. Now you pick your selection. 
12. To tune to the radio station, you can either double click on the name of radio station.

13. Or you can right click on the name of the radio station, and a small box will pop up.

14. Then you left click on the word, "Play". (see image below)

how to use IceCast Radio Directory in VLC media player

15. Instantly VLC will start playing music from your selected internet radio station.

Note: For those of you who still don't have this useful VLC media player installed in your PC, it's time you should.

It is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework,

Besides having internet radio stations, VLC can play most multimedia files as well as DVDs, audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming functions.

To download and install VLC media player, click HERE.