March 19, 2013

Access Pandora, Hulu, CBS, BBC Or Fox With Hola Unblocker Outside The U.S.

For those of you who live outside the US (including Malaysia) and would like to listen to Pandora, Spotify or watch endless entertainment from Hulu, Netflix, CBS, Fox, BBC, ITV, Travel Channel, and others, then install Hola Unblocker.

This is how you do it:

1. Go to:, then click 'Install Now'.

2. Hola-Setup.exe box will pop up. Click on 'Save File'.

3. After downloading, double click on Hola setup widget as shown below.

4. An install menu box will pop up. Select your language preference and then click on 'I agree - install' button.

5. Then you should see this:

6. To access the site, click 'List of sites' under the Unblocker category. (the first one)

7. Once you click on 'List of sites', it will open a new page listed with 21 sites, which include A&E, BBC, CBS, Spotify, Pandora, Fox, NETFLIX, YouTube and many others.

8. Before you select the site which you like to visit, click on the word 'ON' which is under the blue-color word 'Unblocker' at the top of the page.
9. Then click on the site URL you like to watch or listen to.

10. That's all. Enjoy.

Update (September 2013): The new version of Hola Unblocker is easier to install. Now it comes as an extension.

Here is the link to Hola Firefox Addon.

Get you free tips on how to install and use to access Hulu over at: Info Ruckus.

Written by: Kher Cheng Guan