June 4, 2011

How To Add New Domain To Your Hosting Account (Bluehost)

Today I am going to show you how to add a new domain name to your hosting account. This tutorial is for those of you newbies who already have a web hosting account with Bluehost and also already have sites up and running. But now you want to set up another brand new site and you have forgotten as how to go about it.

As I have just mentioned this tutorials for the newbies. Anyway, I hope this simple easy-to-follow guide is useful for some of you out there. If not, I can always use it as for my own reference in the future.   

1. Go to purchase your domain name from GoDaddy.

2. Sign into your GoDaddy account and set up your DNS nameservers to point to Bluehost. The nameservers to point to:


3. Now login to Bluehost Dashboard. Go to cPanel. Scroll down until you reach the section called Domains. Click on Addon Domains.

cpanel Addon Domains Tutorial

4. Now you will see a page title Assign Domain. Go to Step 1, and select the first option: Use a domain that is already associated with your account. Now fill in your newly bought domain name in the Domain box.

5. Next wait for it to verify the domain. If it does not verify, wait for another 1/2 hour or so as you have just set up your Nameservers and the DNS might not have fully propagated yet.

6. If it is verified, then go to Step 3. Choose Addon Domain.

7. Step 4, you have two options to choose, which directory you want to store your new Addon (your new domain name).

1. You add your new domain name to your existing directory.
2. Create a new directory.

In other words, this is how it looks like:

1 http://maindomain.com/new-domain
2 http://newdomain.com

So if you want to have your new domain to be by itself, then you choose option #2

So, you select Create a new directory. Type in your new domain name without the dot com/net/info/etc. For instance your your new domain name is goozer.com, then it should look like this: public_html/goozer

 8. You should see the directory automatically inserted as a sub domain below.  See the image below:
How To Add A New Domain Name To Bluehost

9. Installing WordPress Or How To Install WordPress.
Now go back to to your cPanel.  Scroll down to Simplescripts Installations. Click WordPress which is next to Simple Scripts.

11. It should show you a page which says: Install WordPress. Click on the green Install button.

12. Next you will see a page called Installation Preferences. The second box with the question: Where would you like WordPress installed? Click on the drop-down menu and select your new domain name.

13. Tick in the box in Step 3: Legal Information. Then click the green Complete button. Done!

14. Now go to your browser (Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Safari) log in to your new domain to complete the WordPress  installation.