May 15, 2017

Share Live Streaming Video Of Your Computer Screen With People Anywhere In The World

Do you know there is this free software called TeamViewer, where you can share a live streaming video of your computer screen with someone almost anywhere in the world.

You See Their PC screen, They See Yours

It means both of you can see each other's computer screen at the same time, chit chat and share files as well.

share live streaming video of computer screen

For example, this amazing tool allows you to seek help from a friend about your PC problem, without having to visit them personally, or having them over at your place.

Isn't it great?

You can invite your friend or family members living on the side of the world to view all your wonderful photos which you have stored in your PC.

Of course, you can use this latest free software,  TeamViewer 12 in meetings and presentations.

Not forgetting TeamViewer 12 can make video calls as well.

It is easy to set up and it is secured by unique ID codes and passwords.

With this tool, you can can save travel time and expenses.

You don't need to leave home to share information, assist, interact and collaborate with people around the globe.

The key part is about security. All private data, private conversations, and private meetings stay securely safe between you and the other person.

This new version interface is user-friendly and allows you to leave virtual 'sticky notes' on other computers.

From what I am told, this latest version, the video is so much smoother and the file sharing is 20 times faster, with transfer speeds to 200Mbps. 

The free version, you cannot connect to you phone and tablet screens.

For most of us, the free version is good enough to use. It has all the basic features.

Note: Oh yes, you can even use this free tool to control remote cameras, hard drives, and play CDs/DVDs. But you need to know how to set it up with your USB ports.

How To Install And Use TeamViewer 12

1. Go to this site and click on the green button "Download Teamviewer".

2. A small box pops up. Click "Save File" button.  

3. After that run the installer.

4. Click "Personal/Non-commercial use" in the setup wizard.

5. Watch the accompanied YouTube video and follow the steps carefully to set up with another computer.

6. Once you are properly connected to another computer, you should see the other person's PC screen on your TeamViewer right away.

7. If you want to leave a note on the person's computer, click "Leave note" on the toolbar above.

8. To share files, click "Files & Extras", then click on "Open file transfer".

9. The "files & Extras" menu also allows you to to take screenshots and record a video of the other person's PC screen.

10. For chatting function, click on the speech bubble.

So, if you are interested in using this free TeamViewer 12, click Here.

Written by: Kher Cheng Guan