March 17, 2013

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How To Stop Advertisements Appearing On Your Own YouTube Videos Tutorial 2018

Last Updated March 8th, 2018

Do you know you can stop advertisements appearing on your YouTube video clips?

Yes, you can disable it within a few seconds.

I have done it for my own YouTube videos before.

How To Stop Advertisements Appearing On Your Own YouTube Videos

How To Turn Off Ads On Your YouTube Videos

 Follow this simple guide on how to disable or get rid off ads appearing on your YouTube videos.

1. Sign into your YouTube account.

2. Go to the top right hand corner, click on your profile icon.

3. A drop-down menu will appear.

4. Click on “Creator Studio”.

how to block advertisements on your YouTube videos

5. It will open a new page.

6. On the left hand side of the page, look for “CHANNEL”, and click on it.

how to turn off ads on your YouTube videos

7. It will show you a drop down menu.

8. Click on "Advanced".

how to remove ads from your YouTube videos

9. Below the word "Advertisements, there is a remark: "Allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos".

10. Next to it is a small box with a tick sign inside.

11. It means YouTube has already pre-selected the option of showing advertisements on your videos.

how to turn off ads from your YouTube videos

12. In order to stop ads appearing or showing on your own videos, you need to remove the tick sign in the box.

13. You do it by clicking on the tick sign.

14. Instantly, the tick sign will disappear from the box.

15. Then click on the blue color "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

16. That's all.

Note: If after doing as what I have just instructed, yet you still have advertisements showing on your videos, then read on...

It means your videos could have copyrighted material in it.

You must make sure your videos do NOT have any traces of copyrighted material in it.

It could a brand logo, a few seconds of a popular tune, even your own audio recordings of copyrighted material (for instance from a popular book).

Even a short clip from video games, movies, television shows, or screenshots of logos or software can trigger disable the no-advertisement settings.

Check through all your video clips for any sign of those copyright things which I have just mentioned.

If you think your videos do not have any of those copyright materials, yet you still see adverts on them, you can create a support ticket with YouTube Google to review them.

Get them to tell you where are the so-called offending parts of the video.