November 10, 2011

Bluehost Domain Hosting Cost And Pricing Structure

Do you know the actual Bluehost Domain Hosting Cost? If you read the ad on its homepage (as shown below), the big copy says: Professional Web Hosting for $5.95/mo.

When I first signed up with this web hosting provider last year, it was $6.95, and I thought it was $6.95 per month  for as long as I am still signed up with them.

Probably I was distracted by the beautiful bespectacled blonde lady in an unbuttoned collar shirt, smiling at the right hand corner. (LOL). I quickly clicked the green "Sign Up Now" box and proceeded from there.

Bluehost Domain Pricing
I did not bother to read any of the stuff from its Help Center. It was only recently when I have to renew my Bluehost domain, then I realized the the price listed on top of the homepage is for the INITIAL hosting price.

Meaning, $6.95 per month is for the first year only.

Second year onwards, the actual price is $8.95 a month. Yes, I know the difference is merely $2 per month. It is NOT a hidden fee either. What I am trying to say here is, read the details carefully and thoroughly.   

You can find out more detailed hosting prices "hidden' inside the "Help Center". From here you need to click "Browse Issues by Topic" under Resources.

Then you type the word "billing" in the Helpdesk box and click "Search". Scroll down until you come across "Hosting Prices".

Now click on it. The pricing structure is "hidden" here.

The actual Bluehost pricing structure is not clearly shown on the homepage of the its site. You need to find out more about its domain pricing from the links on its homepage.

But anyway, it has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee policy. After signing up for your account, and for whatever reason you want to terminate, just follow the instructions on canceling your account and they will gladly refund your money.

And if cancel your account even after the first 30 days, Bluehost will credit you back the pro-rated amount of service left on your account.