December 13, 2018

How To Restore Registry Windows 7 From Backup File

In this past post, I showed you how to backup the Registry Windows 7 file.

The purpose of this post is to show you how to restore registry Windows 7 from backup file; to what it was, before you made the changes.

After you have made changes to the registry, then you found out that it did not give you desired results, so you want to restore it back, then this is how you do it.

How To Restore Registry Windows 7 From Backup File

 1. Double-click on the backup registry icon to open it, as shown below.

how to restore registry windows 7 from backup file

2. After clicking on it, probably you will see a User Account Control dialog box which says:

"Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer". Click "Yes".

3. Next you will see another box called Registry Editor with the warning:

"Adding information can unintentionally change or delete values and cause components to stop working correctly. If you do not trust the source of this information in [REG file location], do not add it to the registry. Are you sure you want to continue?".

Note: Make sure this is the correct backup file. If it is, then click the "Yes" button.

If everything is fine, then you should see this message in the Registry Editor window:

"The keys and values contained in [REG file location] have been successfully added to the registry."

4. Click the "OK" button.

5. Now restart your computer.

This is how you restore your registry Windows 7.

Written by: Kher Cheng Guan