March 7, 2019

How To Sign Off Twitter Without Log Out Option In Drop-Down Menu

Are you of them who still cannot log out from your Twitter account?

Well, I'm one of them.

When I click on my photo at the top right corner, a drop down menu appear.

But the problem is I cannot find the "Log out" option in the drop-down menu.

When I run my cursor down the list of options, the furthest remark which I can see from my computer screen is "Keyboard shortcuts", as shown below.

how do i log out from twitter on the laptop

In other words, the "Log out" option is blocked by the taskbar at the bottom of my PC.

So how do I sign off from my Twitter account?

sign off Twitter without log out option

Sign Off Twitter Without Log Out Option Drop-Down Menu

Here are two ways how I log out from Twitter.

First: Twitter Logout Page

I open a new tab of my Mozilla Firefox, and type in this URL on the address bar.

It will show a white page with the "Log out" orange color button.

cannot log out Twitter
I just click on it.

That's all.

Two: Clear Cookies

1. Click on "History" on the toolbar.

2. A drop-down menu appears.

3. Scroll down your cursor until "Clear Recent History..." and click on it.

4. A "Clear All History" box will pop up.

5. Click on the "Clear Now" button.

6. Instantly you can see your Twitter account log out on its own.

7. That's how I log out of Twitter of my computer, without the "Log out" option.

Written by: Kher Cheng Guan