April 3, 2018

How To Read New York Times, Wall Street Journal And Financial Times Online For Free 2018

For those who do not want to subscribe to read The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal And Financial Times online, then read on...

Here are three definite workable ways to bypass the paywalls of these three websites.

So that you can read unlimited articles for free from NY Times, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times online.

Yes, it works 100% for sure.

And it is legal!

Read New York Times, Wall Street Journal And Financial Times Online For Free

I know there are already various methods shared online on how to overcome the paywalls or how to get around to these three digital subscriptions free of charge.

Some of these methods cannot work anymore.

Forget about using the obsolete NYTClean bookmark or clearing the cookies as suggested by some.

You don't need to install Greasemonkey and any of the userscript to read unlimited The NYTimes, WSJ and Financial Times articles.

Read New York Times, Wall Street Journal And Financial Times Online For Free

Just follow any of these three (3) ways and you can continue reading all your favorite articles from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times for free.

ONE: Use Articles URLs

For this method, you can either use the ARTICLE TITLE or the URL of the article to bypass NYTimes limit.

This guide below I show you how to use the article URLs to continue reading unlimited NYTimes articles.

You can do the same for Wall Street Journal and Financial Times sites.

1. Go to Nytimes.com and start reading until you reach its free limit.

2. Just before you have reached the limit, you will see a remark reminding you: "This is your last free article. Subscribe to The Times"
how to read unlimited new york times articles

3. Then you started to read the next article for a few seconds, the so-called paywall will appear over the article.

4. There are a few versions of NYTimes paywall, all telling you the same message that you have "0 articles remaining this month".

how to keep reading the NY Times for free

5. To continue reading the article, you highlight and copy ONLY the URL of that article at the address bar.

Note: You Do Not use the FULL URL of that blocked article.

The full URL of the blocked article, looks something similar to this:


You use ONLY the URL of the article; until the word html (highlighted in yellow as shown above)

In other words, only the front part of the full URL.

For the above example, it looks like this:


6. Now click on the new tab of your browser to open a new Google page.

7. Paste this URL onto the Google search box.

8. Click on "Google Search" button or press the "Enter" key of your keyboard.

access New York Times for free online

9. You would definitely see the indexed article on the Google search results.

10. Now you click on it and you can read the complete article without obstruction of any kind.   

To continue reading other NYTimes articles, you do the same procedure as above.

You can use this simple method to read unlimited articles from The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times as well.

Two: Use Twitter

1. Log in to your Twitter Account.

2. Paste the URL of the blocked article in the "Search Twitter" space located on the top right hand corner, next to your profile photo.

Note: Again use only the article URL, as explained above at #5.

3. Then click on the magnifying glass icon.

get around New York Times paywall with Twitter
4. Now should see the article link on your Twitter.

5. To read the NYTimes article, click on the link as shown below:

get around paywalls Of WSJ NYT and Financial Times

THREE: Use Google Chrome Incognito Window

1. Go to Google Chrome to read the free NYTimes articles.

2. Once it starts to block you from reading the following article, you may see something like this:

how to read the wall street journal online for free

3. Now click on the three vertical dots on top of the right hand corner.

4. A menu will drop down.

5. Click on "New incognito window".

6. You will see a black screen saying: "You've gone incognito", as shown below:

How to bypass the New York Times paywall via Chrome Incognito

7. Now paste the article URL on the address bar above.

how to get around New York Times paywall via Chrome Incognito Window

Note: Only the article URL as explained in the above two methods.

8. Then press on the "Enter" key from your keyboard.

9. Now you should be able to read the obstructed NYTimes article now.

To read the next blocked article, you do the same step as shown above.

 How To Read Financial Times For Free

When you go to Financial Times homepage, you will find out that you CANNOT read any one of its articles for free at all.

When you click on an article, it will take you to new page with the remark: Subscribe to the FT to read: "...(title of that article)....". (see image below)

read Financial Time free

You need to subscribe to read it.

In short, you need to pay for it.

So, how to read Financial Times without paying?

There is a simple and legal way.

Just do this:

1. Copy the TITLE of the article. (Not its URL, as explained in method ONE above)

how to read financial times without paying

2. Open a new tab of your web browser.

3. Paste the TITLE onto the Google search box.

read Financial Times free online

4. Click "Google Search".

5. Now you can see the article among the Google search results.

how to read Financial Times for free

6. Click on it. Voila! The full article appears right before your very eyes.

how to read financial times without subscription

7. Now you can read the Financial Times article without subscription.

You can use any of these easy tricks to read unlimited New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times articles free online legally.

Happy reading....

Written by: Kher Cheng Guan