February 17, 2018

How To Fix Yoast SEO Plugin Slows Down WordPress Admin Dashboard 2018

Find out how to fix Yoast SEO plugin slowing down WordPress admin dashboard.

The other night I was editing one of my WordPress long blog posts.

I had a difficult time doing it. It took a long time to download.

It was exasperatingly slow, almost grinding to a halt.

I clicked one time, then I had to wait and wait and wait.... X#%@ffkk!!

how to fix Yoast SEO plugin slowing down WordPress admin dashboard

When I tried editing it a little faster, I screwed up; ended up deleting the wrong thing.

It was because of the slowness.

I knew it must be one of the plugins.

Firstly I thought it could be Autoptimize or WP Super Cache plugin.

I was wrong.

Fix Yoast SEO Plugin Slowing Down WordPress Admin Dashboard 

Then the next obvious trouble-causing plugin which I suspected for causing the WordPress admin dashboard must be Yoast SEO.

So, I deactivated it.

Lo and behold, the site’s dashboard slowness was gone immediately.

There and then, it worked as smooth as silk.

Sure enough it was Yoast SEO WordPress plugin!

Those of you who use Yoast SEO plugin, and are encountering any slowness with your WordPress dashboard, try deactivating this plugin first.

Most probably this is the main culprit that is causing you this problem.

Written by: Kher Cheng Guan