September 23, 2015

How To Make Blogger URL In Blog Post Not Clickable

By default, when you write a URL in the blog post of Blogger/Blogspot, automatically it becomes a clickable link.

In other words, the URL anchor text on the post can be clicked and it will send you to that particular page or blog.

Do you know you can make that URL not clickable?

See the examples below.

The first one is clickable and the second one CANNOT be clicked.



How To Make Blogger Blog Post URL Not Clickable

1. After you have written or typed out a URL or a link in your blog post,

2. Left click on the mouse, hold it and drag it across the URL text. (In other words, you highlight the URL with your mouse)

3. Then you let go off your finger on the mouse.

4. Click on the word "Link" on top of the post editor. 

5. Now your URL is underlined and it is blue color, just like the example #1 above.

6. Next you click on the HTML tab above.

7. You will see something like this:

how to make Blogger URL unclickable
8. Create a space  AFTER the two slashes(as highlighted in red).

You do it by pressing on the space bar on your keyboard.

9. Now the code should look like this:

not clickable url blogger tutorial

10. If your URL has a WWW,  then you add the space AFTER the WWW dot

Note: When you hover your cursor over the URL, it will still show the finger cursor, but it is NOT clickable any more, just like this blog post.

*Update: Here is better method to make the URL not clickable, without showing the finger cursor when you hover your cursor over it.  

Written by: Kher Cheng Guan