September 7, 2013

Print What You Like From A Web Page With This Free Tool To Save Printing Ink

At times when you want to print some articles or images from some websites, but they are cluttered with links, ads, tags and other stuff which you may not need or want.

Now you can save your printing ink by getting rid of those things which you do not want.

It is called PrintWhatYouLike. This is what you need to do:

1. Enter the URL of the website, click the green 'START' button.

2. Then you can see the website you wanted on the right hand side of page. The toolbar or functions are on the left hand side.

3. Now it's time to edit. For instance, if there is any part of the page which you do not want, you left click on it and a menu box will pop up with functions that include Isolate, Remove, Widen, Resize, Save Clip and Select More.

4. To remove it, you click 'Remove' and it will disappear.

5. For the other functions, you can find out more from its demo page over here.