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Last Updated On:December 9, 2010

How To Purchase Domain Name From Go Daddy

Want to know how to purchase domain name from Go Daddy? This post is for those of you who have your blog deleted by Google for violating Blogger TOS or deleted for spam, and thinking of getting your own domain name and start a new blog. And also for those who are worried their present free Blogspot blogs could be deleted just like so many of them. 

Here is a comprehensive tutorial on how to buy your own domain name from Go Daddy.  

1. First you have to create an account with Go Daddy. Click Create Account. Fill up the required particulars and click Create A New Account

2. You will received an email from Go Daddy to thank you for opening an account with them. It also shows your account number known as Customer #:XXXXXXX. (indicated by a red arrow as shown below) From this email, you can log in to your account to start searching for your domain name. 

3. Log in to Go Daddy, type in your domain name in the blank white box. The default extension is .com

If you don't want dot com, you can click on the drop down arrow on the right, and it will drop down a list for you to choose from. It has dot co, dot info, dot net, dot org, and many more. 

The preferred one is normally dot com or dot net.  After making your selection, click Search 

4. If your preferred name dot com is not available, GoDaddy will tell you it is already taken and not available. Instead it will offer you two lists of alternatives. One on the left and the other list of domain names on the right. Tick the one of your choice.

Here a tip when selecting domain name. If you can't find the exact name with dot com which you prefer, then pick one which has your preferred name in the front from the list. 

Refer to the visual  (below) as an example. I am looking for, but Go Daddy told me it is already taken. While the list on the left, the price is too expensive for me. So I pick from the list of alternatives on the right. 

As I have said, pick anyone which has your preferred name in front. What I mean is I could pick,,, or      

After you have made your selection, tick it and click "Continue To Registration".  

 5. Then it will open up a box offering you to buy more domains. Just click "No Thanks"

6. It is time to fill up the particulars. Under Registration Length, select the number of years you want to sign up. Select Uncertified under Certified Domain. Then click Next.

7. Now you come to Private and Domain Protection page. If you are going to use this site to make money, then I recommend you go for domain privacy. It prevents others from checking out your personal details. You can select  Deluxe for $11.99 per year. Then click Next.

8. Now you come to Activate Your Domain page. You will see a lot of stuff like Add Email, Add Hosting and Choose features for your Website. Just ignore them. Click Next.

9. You have reached Review Your Shopping Cart page. Make sure you have selected the correct domain name (check the spelling too). Click Remove for these two products:

1. Private Registration Services
2. Business Registration

10. You have reached the Payment page. Select your payment method. You can pay by Credit Card, Gift Card, Check, PayPal or even Allpay. Then fill up your particulars in the boxes provided. After that click PLACE ORDER NOW on the right.

Note: If you come across a page, asking you for hosting nameserver, and if you know you enter it and click on Set Nameservers.

But if you don't know, then just click Next. You can come back to set your nameservers after you have bought your hosting package.   

Written by: Kher Cheng Guan